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Not a babysitter.

Video games are an amazing medium for entertainment. They allow us to experience fictional worlds in a completely different way than ever before. Text, video, and music all effect us in different ways, but none of them allow us to… Continue Reading →

Post Truth has gone past the point of no return.

The Internet is a tool of remarkable potential. By allowing people to connect and communicate vast amounts of information, nearly instantly, regardless of distance, has given us a lot. However, as with almost any technology, it is only a tool,… Continue Reading →

The Sickening Smokebomb.

On February 14th 2018, the United States of America was rocked by another school shooting. The event, taking place in Parkland, Florida, has sparked a national outcry. That is not the purpose of this article. The topic of this article… Continue Reading →

Welcome to a new site

Well, as everyone can see, there have been some changes here. I’ve decided to branch out, both in terms of subject matter, and in terms of audience. Articles here are now being cross-posted on Medium. As you can also see,… Continue Reading →

More site business

A word to anyone reading this at the present time. Currently, this is about to become a full time endeavor. I was recently laid off from my position, so while I look for another job, this is my full time… Continue Reading →

All the way Live (Services).

In the time since I last was actively posting, my favorite drum has been being beaten by more and more people covering the game industry: microtransactions. We’ve had controversy after controversy in the past year over the newest fad, Loot… Continue Reading →

Washington State Looks into Loot Boxes

Washington State lawmakers are beginning to seriously consider whether Loot Boxes, which have became prevalent last year, can or should be considered under the sate’s gaming commission. Loot Boxes, a term which has come to mean any system for which… Continue Reading →

Site News

The time has come for me to make my return to this project, and, front and center, there are some new things here. First of all, I am, as of right now, sending this site out as a portfolio to… Continue Reading →

How Xbox earned some trust at E3 2017. 60 in 60 day 12 part 2.

The yearly Electronic Entertainment Expo has become a chore for many of us. Long a festival for corporate back slapping and justifying unjustifiable corporate practices, sprinkled with a few completely unrepresentative trailers for video games. It has once again descended… Continue Reading →

VR: The latest doomed tech craze. 60 in 60 day 12

Virtual Reality is an idea that has been kicking around in some form for decades. It has been popular in many disciplines, but the dream has always been to use this technology for gaming. Attempts at this have proven disastrous… Continue Reading →

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