About me.

I’m Jake Moses, the only person on this site for the time. Video games have been an important part of my life for a long as I can remember, and I have been following the industry for most of my adult life. Over the years, I have often been a source of gaming news for friends and family, and given my love of writing and language, I have decided to make a real stab of this. To put it right out there, I have my biases (which will be detailed below), and while I make an effort to divorce myself from them in most cases, I am human, and I will often make very clear what my opinions are. That being said, I am open to new arguments and changing my mind, no matter how much it hurts. Finally, just because I read comments, this does not mean I take requests. If there is a huge amount of interest in something, and I can present a worthwhile viewpoint on, and my schedule is dry, I will likely use that, but don’t ever expect it, and don’t email me suggestions, please.


About my biases.

  • I always have been, and always will be pro-consumer. This does not necessarily mean anti-corporate, but when a corporation hip-thrusts in the consumer’s faces, I will call it out.
  • I am against micro transactions in any and all forms. I would much rather pay for a game, whatever the platform, then have it be a vector to try to take more money from my already limited budget. This particular topic will be fleshed out in a post.
  • Story and gameplay execution matter for more to me than graphics. 
  • I can, and will, be vicious to companies that make games I like. This doesn’t mean I hate them, but you have to criticise what you love.

About this site.

So, what is the aim of this site? What’s with the name? What’s your update schedule? Why are there ads? Let’s take each of these in turn.

The aim of this site is to add my voice to the maelstrom that surrounds gaming. I am non-idealistic, unswayed by anything but facts and hard data, and I use reason and play devil’s advocate to better understand the majority of the culture around gaming. You can feel free to disagree with anything I say here, but at the end of the day, I’m not here to cater, I’m here to offer my perspective to the discussion. 

The name of the site refers to the fact that, throughout recent history, trying to call out publishers or band together against something has led to nothing but the same old cycles, only occasionally breaking through. The industry has become so anti-consumer over the years, and the fans so vehement, that it seems that nothing ever seems to get done. Therefore, on that level, talking about it often seems to be a Sisyphean task. Further, when progress in the industry is made, a slew of new problems are brought to light. However, someday the boulder may reach the top of the mountain, and if I can help, I will.

Update schedules… On my previous attempt at a blog, I tried to establish a schedule right off the bat. This time around, I am going to be vague, and sharpen this over time. Currently, in a given week, you, the reader, can expect from me, the writer, two editorials or pieces of news per week, along with one game review. The game may not be new, and will likely be an indie title if it is, but as this takes off, they will become newer and better. The reason for the evasiveness over a solid schedule is two-fold. First, I work in a job where my work schedule may not be consistent from week to week, and this makes it very hard to plan a solid update schedule. Second, and I think most importantly, I need to get used to writing regularly, and see where my updates gravitate to naturally before codifying it. 

About those ads.

I don’t like advertising. I don’t like how it hurts user experience, I don’t like how there seem to be no standards for the companies advertised. However, I want to make this my job, so ads, for now, are a necessary evil. I will never do advertorial, and will never sacrifice my ethics. I would like to explore options like Patreon in the future, and the more I can make this a career, the more I plan to add. So, temporary, but necessary evil.

About the art.

I suck at drawing. There, I said it. Currently, my site art is the best I could do to have something unique, but within my own limitations. If anyone wants to give me a quote to commission both a site icon and a header image, please contact me through the business contact email for my ideas.

About the future.

In the future, when I am able to do this full time, I plan to add at least one weekly video series, and add more articles. I also plan to look into contracting my services as a writer to larger outlets. Currently, my plans for this site are small, only enough to be able to support myself with it, but as the time comes, I will announce expansions.