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Jake Moses

How Xbox earned some trust at E3 2017. 60 in 60 day 12 part 2.

The yearly Electronic Entertainment Expo has become a chore for many of us. Long a festival for corporate back slapping and justifying unjustifiable corporate practices, sprinkled with a few completely unrepresentative trailers for video games. It has once again descended… Continue Reading →

VR: The latest doomed tech craze. 60 in 60 day 12

Virtual Reality is an idea that has been kicking around in some form for decades. It has been popular in many disciplines, but the dream has always been to use this technology for gaming. Attempts at this have proven disastrous… Continue Reading →


Sometimes, despite our best plans, life finds a way to intervene. Since my last post, I have been between places to live. This was the culmination of over a month of problems between a roommate and I. However, it appears… Continue Reading →

What’s in a trailer? 60 in 60 day 8.

Game trailers are marketing exercises designed to get the hype started for a new title. They give players a glimpse at the world the developers are trying to create for them, and provide a first platform for criticism. While the… Continue Reading →

Spare a dime for a poor corporation? A return to microtransactions. 60 in 60 day 7

The episode of “The Jimquisition” published today focused on unpacking some statements made by Take-Two Interactive CEO Strauss Zelnick at the recent Cowen and Company 45th Annual Technology, Media & Telecom Conference. It has been noted many places in the past… Continue Reading →

Dark Souls and Tutorials. Part 2. 60 in 60 day 6

In the last article, we went through a detailed overview of the first area in From Software’s original “Dark Souls”, but the “so what?” of the article had to be pushed back to today. If you haven’t read the previous… Continue Reading →

Accessibility in hard games: How Dark Souls got it right – Part 1. 60 in 60 day 5.

Quick note about me, again, before we begin proper. I may live in the Eastern Time Zone, but because of my second shift schedule, you can assume I live closer to Great Britain based on what “Midnight” is to me…. Continue Reading →

Tutorials and Sheikah Stones: Accessibility in Zelda. 60 in 60 day 4

A quick note before we begin: I wrote a good chunk of this article yesterday, when it was supposed to go up, but life intervened from getting it up on time. This means that I owe an extra article. Currently,… Continue Reading →

Old games, new price tags. 60 in 60 day 2.

Before feature films were shot digitally, the finished film was stored on an ultra-high quality reel called the “Master”, from which quality could be reduced and content cropped for individual copies made of it. When a film was remastered, the… Continue Reading →

Is it a bad thing for a game to just end? 60 in 60 Day 1.

Somewhat recently, when watching an Extra Credits video about what they term “Lifestyle Games (link: here), a thought struck me. The narrator, Dan, used the phrase (out of context) “… the game just ends”, and though he was talking about… Continue Reading →

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