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Old games, new price tags. 60 in 60 day 2.

Before feature films were shot digitally, the finished film was stored on an ultra-high quality reel called the “Master”, from which quality could be reduced and content cropped for individual copies made of it. When a film was remastered, the… Continue Reading →

Is it a bad thing for a game to just end? 60 in 60 Day 1.

Somewhat recently, when watching an Extra Credits video about what they term “Lifestyle Games (link: here), a thought struck me. The narrator, Dan, used the phrase (out of context) “… the game just ends”, and though he was talking about… Continue Reading →

Engagement Part 2 – What makes a game have mass appeal?

Now that we’ve talked about how engagement is what keeps us playing a game, how does this impact the rest of the industry? One thing we can fruitfully think of with this understanding of the quirks of gaming is a… Continue Reading →

What is Fun?

This article comes in response to the two most recent installments of Reboot on the gamespot Youtube channel, specifically Episodes 6 and 6.5, talking about “fun” as we traditionally describe it, can be optional in games we truly enjoy. The… Continue Reading →

Some things I noticed about Bethesda’s recently delayed new IP.

On May 9th, Gamespot published an article about BioWare’s highly anticipated new IP and it’s recently announced delay. The full article can be found here:¬† I read the article, and noted some very telling commentary. The phrase “Live Service” cropped… Continue Reading →

My stance on microtransactions.

I mentioned when talking about my biases that I am very much against the concept of microtransactions, not only in $60 AAA titles, but in¬†nearly all cases. The one case where I find them acceptable is in a fully featured… Continue Reading →

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