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Accessibility in hard games: How Dark Souls got it right – Part 1. 60 in 60 day 5.

Quick note about me, again, before we begin proper. I may live in the Eastern Time Zone, but because of my second shift schedule, you can assume I live closer to Great Britain based on what “Midnight” is to me…. Continue Reading →

Tutorials and Sheikah Stones: Accessibility in Zelda. 60 in 60 day 4

A quick note before we begin: I wrote a good chunk of this article yesterday, when it was supposed to go up, but life intervened from getting it up on time. This means that I owe an extra article. Currently,… Continue Reading →

Old games, new price tags. 60 in 60 day 2.

Before feature films were shot digitally, the finished film was stored on an ultra-high quality reel called the “Master”, from which quality could be reduced and content cropped for individual copies made of it. When a film was remastered, the… Continue Reading →

Is it a bad thing for a game to just end? 60 in 60 Day 1.

Somewhat recently, when watching an Extra Credits video about what they term “Lifestyle Games (link: here), a thought struck me. The narrator, Dan, used the phrase (out of context) “… the game just ends”, and though he was talking about… Continue Reading →

Engagement Part 2 – What makes a game have mass appeal?

Now that we’ve talked about how engagement is what keeps us playing a game, how does this impact the rest of the industry? One thing we can fruitfully think of with this understanding of the quirks of gaming is a… Continue Reading →

What is Fun?

This article comes in response to the two most recent installments of Reboot on the gamespot Youtube channel, specifically Episodes 6 and 6.5, talking about “fun” as we traditionally describe it, can be optional in games we truly enjoy. The… Continue Reading →

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