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Welcome to a new site

Well, as everyone can see, there have been some changes here. I’ve decided to branch out, both in terms of subject matter, and in terms of audience. Articles here are now being cross-posted on Medium. As you can also see,… Continue Reading →

More site business

A word to anyone reading this at the present time. Currently, this is about to become a full time endeavor. I was recently laid off from my position, so while I look for another job, this is my full time… Continue Reading →


Sometimes, despite our best plans, life finds a way to intervene. Since my last post, I have been between places to live. This was the culmination of over a month of problems between a roommate and I. However, it appears… Continue Reading →

The return.

This will be a rare update from a personal perspective, rather than a professional one. My job has been demanding all of my time and energy as of late, and I really haven’t had the energy left after work to… Continue Reading →


I launched this site on May 9th, and started adding content immediately, because quality content has to be the backbone of this endeavor. Over time, I have been working on a way to make this website profitable, so I can… Continue Reading →


Welcome to Sisyphean Gaming, and our inaugural post. Over the coming days, expect at least one article, as well as my first review from this new, fresh start. Please look around, the other pages have a lot of information. I… Continue Reading →

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