Here we go…

Ethics as a concept has become a thorny issue in gaming media over the year, and for good reason. Transparency is a dirty word, and when one person goes down, the wagons are circled as quickly as possible to go to war about it. There are far too many issues in this media currently that don’t spark a war between two or more heavily entrenched camps, and the thing is, both are usually wrong, and sickening in their conduct. While I can be rude, I do have a sense of decorum, and lines that I will not cross. That does not mean that I will shy away from a relevant topic, but I expect and grant a certain amount of respect in a debate, and if I am joining one, I will always bring this basic decency with me. I will present this in a list form, but no item is more or less important than the others.

  • I will (when I am known enough) accept review code for games. Product delivered to reviewers early happens in nearly every industry, and believing that I will not eviscerate a horrible game because the publisher sent me an early copy for free is delusion that I simply cannot fathom.
  • I will always offer disclosure for any possible conflicts of interest, and will always stay away from any conflicts of interest.
  • I will always offer the most balanced form of the argument that I can, but I will not prop any side up to give the illusion of fairness. That is a dishonest practice that too many indulge in.
  • Any reporting will be sourced, so that context is fully accessible.