I launched this site on May 9th, and started adding content immediately, because quality content has to be the backbone of this endeavor. Over time, I have been working on a way to make this website profitable, so I can do this full time. That is the eventual goal of this site, to be supported by readers. Currently, my audience is very small, but I am working to grow it. I will be implementing ads on the site in the very near future, but that is not even remotely the avenue I want. I thought about when to announce a Patreon page, and decided to do it now, when the site is small. This way, my intentions for this site to become a career are clear from the outset. I look forward to this leading to ad free content. 

Patreon Link:

About Jake Moses

I was lucky enough to have parents who raised me with and around video games, and as such have been playing video games since before I can remember. Long obsessed with the process of making games, and the industry around them, I feel prepared to tackle talking about games and the industry and offer my unique opinion on both. Discussion is encouraged, I read any and all comments. Twitter: @sisypheangaming Patreon
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