The time has come for me to make my return to this project, and, front and center, there are some new things here. First of all, I am, as of right now, sending this site out as a portfolio to larger gaming outlets. That was the stated intention of the site in the first place, but recent events in my life have solidified my resolve to come back to writing about the game industry. There were two reasons I let this site go un-updated for all this time. First of all, nobody reads this. A person can only shout into a void for so long before it becomes too much. I admit, this is at least partly my fault, as marketing is not my strongest suit. Writing is. I will be working harder to get more people here and reading to help to alleviate this. The second problem was that simply, I felt that there was no point to talking about microtransactions, poor practices in the gaming industry, and even good ones, because there are already so many voices shouting all of these points. That was a moment of weakness. Just because there are other people making many of these same points, those voices aren’t my own. It’s time to make this a serious endeavor, and I hope that I can turn this into a successful one. That, however, also falls on the reader. If you read my articles and enjoy what I say, share the article. Let everyone know about it. Even if you disagree, let me know. Currently, due to spam bots, all comments are disabled until I can afford to filter these out. To contact me, reach me at Now then, just because I haven’t been writing, doesn’t mean I haven’t been watching. So, ladies and gentlemen, time for me to put my shoulder back to the boulder.