The return.

This will be a rare update from a personal perspective, rather than a professional one. My job has been demanding all of my time and energy as of late, and I really haven’t had the energy left after work to think up, research, and produce any new quality content. That being said, this is what I would like to work toward making my actual career, so after some thinking and planning, I have decided to do an event. It is as much to provide a large amount of new content as it is to prove to myself that this can be done. Therefore, starting tonight, I am committing to posting 60 articles in 60 days. This is a minimum number, there will be at least one new article per day here. We have a lot of topics to cover in this time. After this is complete, I will be seeking writing contracts with as many outlets as I can. On an unrelated note, I will also be working to cut down heavily on spam comments. I’m trying to avoid having to moderate comments, as that leads to an air of distrust, as well as hurting the very discussions about video games and the industry around them I am trying to foster. I’ll be back tonight with an article. 

About Jake Moses

I was lucky enough to have parents who raised me with and around video games, and as such have been playing video games since before I can remember. Long obsessed with the process of making games, and the industry around them, I feel prepared to tackle talking about games and the industry and offer my unique opinion on both. Discussion is encouraged, I read any and all comments. Twitter: @sisypheangaming Patreon
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